In our last days of preparation, we see the farm from your eyes, the visitor. Is the ground firm and tidy, what is the view from here, and what questions will arise in a child’s mind? This last is becoming a little easier to predict with experience, but children still have great capacity to surprise us.

Some questions are pretty easy. “When you eat the eggs, don’t they have chicks in them?” “How does the mommy know which baby is hers?”

But some questions give you a little more pause: “Why do you have so many more roosters than hens?” (Um, this winter, there was this weasel, and he found the hens an easier target.) “How does the calf get out of the cow?” (Well…you see under her tail? She’s made to open up and let it out.)

We do hope to answer every question posed this summer and that every child (and adult) goes home with a better understanding of our relationship with animals and our need for them.