(preschool director, May 2015)
We will be back again next year as all our parents are in agreement that your farm and the way you run the tours are hands down the best farm tour we have been to! So thank you so much for being so hands on, informative and welcoming!

(nursery teacher)

The parents (and children!) really enjoyed the handson experience with the baby chicks, the bunnies, and the animals . It was really nice to be able to go in the pens with the animals and have a few things going at the same time which reduced the waiting time for the children. Please put us on the reminder list for next spring. Your children were also a pleasure!



(preschool director)

 We really enjoyed our visit to the farm on May 30. I did not hear any
negative comments from anyone, just lots of “it was great!” One of our
parents is a teacher who has been on several farm visits and said
Morning Sound is the best. We like the mix of hands on and educational
talk. Most of the educational lecture part was at a good level for
preschoolers. Mrs. Farmer..you have a very good way of talking with the
children. The instructions given to the group I was with were good and making parents know they have a role in supervision was appreciated.  Indoor plumbing; smooth schedule; lots of animals..all good. Keep up the good work and please remind us to book for next year!


(nursery teacher)
The comments I heard at the farm were:

“I want to move here.”
“It is great the way they let the kids get involved and go everywhere” (a parent was telling a little person not to go somewhere and a “farmer” had told them it was fine they can go there. The parent was impressed)
“I am having a great time” (teacher from another school who took the day off to attend with their child)
“It is so great the little ones get to do this”

(high school nursery program educator)

The little ones love holding the chicks (and I have heard other farms do not do this so that is a great opportunity), they love the ponies, and being in with the animals. The day is an amazing success and one of the major highlights of the Nursery school year. I am grateful for all you do and it is a wonderful learning experience for the preschoolers, teenagers and the parents.