Our tour is set up to go ahead in all kinds of weather.  We have many indoor activities that will keep everyone busy all day.  If needed, you will have a shelter to eat your lunch.  We can even do the pony rides inside.  We will not make your group stand out in rainy or stormy weather.  In any weather, closed shoes are recommended.


On days when the wind is 20 km/h or more, it will feel at least 5 degrees cooler here than it would in the city.  Dress accordingly!

What to do if it is cold or windy: –  wear more than you would in the city (if you would wear a spring jacket normally, put on a parka and a touque)  – wear your rubber boots (they keep you warm and dry)  –  we have extra parkas available for children who arrive underdressed  –  if the adults are well dressed, they can help the children stay happy;  if the adults are freezing, they can’t help the children have fun


What to do if it is raining: –  do not arrive early   – wear rubber boots and raingear  – only adults should carry umbrellas  – plan to have a great time anyway, we’ll keep you in the barns with all the lovely animals


When there are hot days coming, we prepare to make sure everyone stays safe and happy.  We have water accessible to the group anytime during the day.  We stay in the shade whenever possible.  Since the hottest part of the day is mid-afternoon, we do as many activities in the morning as we can, and we can shorten your lunchtime, if desired, to have you finished early before the heat of the day.

What to do if it is very hot:  – arrive early and ask to have your whole tour by 1pm or 1:30  – bring portable water to carry with you on the tour  – bring spray bottles to mist your group occasionally  – let your kids spend time at the water fountain getting hydrated  – do not make your group sit or stand in the sun while gathering, find the shade