What turns up in the evening…

Going out into the pasture for an evening walk turns up some nice surprises!  Yesterday, we were enjoying the warm evening when we discovered this little guy with his mom hovering protectively over him.  Once our walk was done, we brought them back to the barn for the night.  They can stay inside for a few days until the wobbles are worked out and the nights warm up.

Little Farm on the Prairie

When our family lived in the city, we read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books aloud to our young kids.  Hearing about smoking meat, drinking fresh milk and playing fiddle around a cozy fire whet our appetite to give our family a country life.  How could we know that a decade later, we would experience these wonders and more on our own farm?

This summer, we visited the Ingalls homestead outside of De Smet, SD.  Here we were walking the same ground that Laura walked when she picketed the cow, harvested slough grass and sunned the milk pans.  Another dream come true for our family.


Turns out, baby likes cats…

…not so sure they like her.


Another season wraps up

We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors in 2017.  We enjoyed meeting you, introducing you to the animals and watching you experience the fact that

…life begins on the farm!

Baby’s first pony ride


Ever wonder what the farm kids do during lunch break?  Never mind eating a sandwich;  they compete for baby time, and sometimes, they have baby time all at once!

tiny little rabbits

Here we’ve got a smooth, shiny black mother rabbit and one of her kits.  They are just opening their eyes this week and very snuggly.

before and after

Baby Farmer has arrived!

Introducing our new daughter.  We are so grateful!

Life begins on the farm… again!

Every year, many farm babies arrive in April, May and June.  This year, we are expecting an extra special delivery at the beginning of April- a baby Farmer!  Here’s how the farm kids announced it on social media:

Our family is thrilled at the chance to bring another precious child along with us in the world.  And, although this will mean some adjustments, especially on the farm this summer, we are willing to be flexible.  At first, Mrs. Farmer might not be available all the time, and each day might look a little different, but we will strive, as always, to work as a family to bring your group the best farm visit you have ever had.