(child care centre director, July 2015)
Our centre was on a tour at your farm on Friday. As always, the children had a great time meeting and petting the animals and getting a tour of your beautiful farm. Thank you for making the experience wonderful and for welcoming our children to your farm!
(program coordinator, July 2015) 
Thanks again, your children were so professional and everything was wonderful. We had a blast and can’t wait to come back next year 😀 
(Jacqueline Poersch-BurnsSt.Amant-River Road Child Care, July 2013)
Upon the daycare’s return I heard nothing but positive comments from staff as well as from children.
  1. Facility was clean and functional, easy to move about
  2. Farm staff took their time to explain to children what the area they were in was all about.
  3. Staff said they did not feel rushed as they moved from area to area.
  4. Explanations were at child’s age level.
  5. Activities and handling of small animals was at child’s age level.
  6. Farm staff kept children excited about the farm events.
  7. Area where they had lunch was well thought out.
 St. Amant-River Road Child Care was very satisfied with the field trip to your farm and will most likely book again next year.


(pre-school and school age child care centre, July 2013)
We also really enjoy your farm.  It is such a relaxed atmosphere
and the children really enjoy the hands on approach.  We really
like that there are flushed toilets, it really makes it easier with
the little ones especially.  Many of our children never get to
have an experience like they do at the farm.         
(school age child care centre, July 2013)
The children returned saying that was the “most awesomest” farm ever!  They declared it was way better than the last farm they visited!   I asked them what made it so awesome…
they said…
  • there was so much to do
  • they didn’t have to wait for a long time
  • they got to hold kittens
  • there was time to have fun (the children were not rushed)
  • they really liked the hands on activities like milking the goat and getting sheep wool
Staff appreciated the contact and the friendly atmosphere.  Staff were also relieved to have water breaks.
The children asked if they go again. 
So…we’ll see you next summer.