(Gr. 2 teacher, Winnipeg SD, June 2017)

“We had a wonderful time, as always.  It was a very windy day but it made no difference. Loved it all- the chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, horses, kittens, bunnies…your farm has it all.”

(Kindergarten teacher, Borderland, June 2017)

“Thank you so much for a great well organized day!  It was a bit chilly and we really appreciated the extra jackets you had for our students.”

(Gr. 4 teacher, Seven Oaks, May 2017)

“One thing I struggle with as a teacher is seeing the lack of interest and experience that young people have with nature. Morning Sound Farm is a place where I can take my students to give them hands-on experience with animals; this helps me teach them respect and attachment for animals. The day is spent outdoors which helps me introduce them to playing in an open space, enjoying fresh air and seeing what lies outside the city limits. Thanks Morning Sound for another amazing trip!”


(Kindergarten teacher, Pembina Trails, June 2017)

Yesterday was absolutely amazing…what a great day these kids had. Thank you for this! So many interactive things to engage these young minds in. We loved the full day and every part of the day had something new and interesting for us. My favourite part was seeing the students with the animals feeding them, learning about them and even getting to hold them. The pony ride was definitely a hit!


(Kindergarten teacher, Winnipeg SD, June 2016)

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Farmer-I just wanted to let you know that we had the best experience today. The children were engaged from start to finish and they really enjoyed being able to move and explore all your wonderful farm had to offer. The set up is so thoughtful and really honours the students’ needs to be active as they are learning. At first I thought the group might be a little large, but it was not a factor at all once the children got to the petting areas. I would not hesitate to bring both my morning and afternoon class together again. Imagine 42 children running around, excited about all the animals and the new environment, and no behaviour management problems because there is space and animals enough for everyone. I didn’t know field trips could be so much fun!


(Gr. 4/5 teacher, May 2016)

We had so much fun! No complaints or constructive notes– I think you and your wonderful family covered it all. There was always something to do and so much to experience. Here’s what the students each liked about the day:

“The animals were super cute and you really help them out. P.S. When the bunnies were eating, it was really funny” – Yuri

“I liked the bunnies.” – Allyah

“I liked where the kittens are.” – Araek

“I like how the bunnies and chickens were in a pen” – Angelo

“I like the goats and the chicks.” – Elinor

“I like the chicks! I liked that I got to hold a goat” – Sean

“I didn’t want a cat before but now I want one.” – Rae

“I liked the cows and the goats.” – Aiden

“I like the cows and the goat getting milked. ” – Ravdeep

“I liked the goats. It had a goatee” – Jasper

“I liked the pony ride!” – Violet

“I liked feeding the chickens.” – Jordan

“I liked everything!” – Ethan


(family centre coordinator, May 2016)

I [wanted] to email you to thank you for the amazing day we all had! The families raved on social media about the great time they had! We will be back next spring for sure and I’m thinking with a bigger group! Thanks again and have a wonderful summer! I may even try to get my family out there too! My kids would LOVE it!


(K teacher, May 2016)

I was very impressed with your farm and everything you have to offer there! Despite the cold (and rain), the kids had a very good time. I would come back in a heart beat! J


(K teacher, after taking her first-ever farm field trips to two different farms in one week)
I greatly appreciate the way that you have your farm set-up. Lots of interaction with the animals for the children and almost a montessori-style approach. It’s evident that spirit and love of the animals flows through you and the farm to the children that visit. I love your philosophy and it alleviates discipline issues due to not having to wait too long to see or touch the animals. Having a playground right there is handy as well for after lunch. I do not think there is anything that you can improve upon.
Just wondering if there is a sheltered area for eating lunch in case of rain? [yes, there is]
I will highly recommend this farm to other teachers after experiencing another farm. I would book with you again.

(Gr. 1 teacher, June 2015)
Thank you for the wonderful day! We had just the most fantastic time. We really appreciate how everything runs so smoothly and everyone knows what to do and is very well-informed about the farm. We’ll be back next year!

(kindergarten teacher, June 2015)
We had so much fun today! All of our parent volunteers and staff raved about how organized and informative your program was. When can we book our tour for next year? We can’t wait to come back.

(teacher, June 2015)
The Mr. and Mrs. Farmer tours were excellent. Both Nursery and Grade 5 students were impressed. The parents thought the program and all the options to interact with the farm animals were fantastic. I will recommend you to others and will definitely be back next year. When can I book for 2016? You and your family are awesome!

(special language classroom teacher, June 2015)
We had a wonderful time! A well organized field trip, lots of variety, hands on activities, good pace. We love our visits to Morning Sound Farm and we keep coming back!

(N/K teacher, May 2015)
Hello Danea, Chuck and wonderful family– THANK YOU ALL  for the fabulous day! It was the best trip yet!  Everyone loved it and you folks are so knowledgeable and patient and just all around great hosts!   It will be a joyful, lasting memory for these inner-city kids for a very long time.


(teacher, May 2015)

Thank-you for a great field trip to your farm on Friday! From the smiling face welcoming us and giving us directions where to park, to the individual members of your family at each station throughout the day, we really loved it all! The hands on effect was appreciated– thank-you for letting us touch all your kittens, puppies and baby chicks! I will certainly recommend your farm program to others.


(Gr. 1 teacher, May 2015)

Thank-you! We had a great time despite the weather- we really appreciated that there were so many indoor activities available!

(teacher, May 2015)

Our classrooms had a great time. Kids that do not smile often, we saw them having a great time, laughing and smiling. A lot of them were still talking about the farm today and all the animals. All of us thought you have such a nice welcoming family. We would love to come back again next year. We thought you did a great job explaining farm life to the kids and your setup there is very accessible and educational. I am hoping to bring my family in July on a Saturday to see the animals. Thanks again!

(K teacher, May 2015)
I would like to thank you so much for showing us your farm. The Kindergarten students had so much fun getting to pet and hold all of the animals. The day was very well organized and planned out which was very much appreciated. The only suggestion I would have is for a specific schedule to be given to us in the morning for the order we would be doing the activities. Otherwise everything was great! There were always activities for the students to do and no one was ever bored. The students talked about their day all the way home. [we have since made sure to explain the order of events for the day before we get started]


(parent with school group, May 2015)

Thank you for welcoming us to your home today. I cannot get over how well it is set up, how friendly your family is and how much we got to see. Everything was a highlight. I can tell you have thought of all the smallest details that made the day run smoothly and keep the kids happy. Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to visit again. 🙂



(Teacher visiting for the first time with her Kindergarten class, June 2014)

It really was a pleasure to visit your farm. I liked that your family was present – it shows our kids that this is a way of life. Also, the stations were very well organized. Having the students be able to handle the animals is fantastic. Playtime after lunch was just the right amount of time… Lunch and toilet facilities are very satisfactory as well. Please have me on your list for next year. I will be back for sure!


(teacher, attended with Gr. K-3)

We had a great time!  I appreciate that it is well organized and the kids
are kept busy all day.  Many of the kids had been before but that didn’t seem to bother them.  They still learned a lot and the sheep fleece was very precious to the
kindergartens.  One girl got up during the night because she forgot to
take it out of her pocket and was concerned that her mom would throw it
out!  We all had a wonderful time and I must say it is one of the most
relaxed field trips as a teacher! 

(Gr. 1 teacher)

We had such a wonderful day with you. I really can’t think of anything to change! Your kids were amazing, both [my colleague] and I thought you and your husband did a fantastic job teaching the kids about the animals and the washroom facilities were great! The timing of the stations worked well and we didn’t feel rushed at all—enough time to take everything in. The kids were so excited to talk about their favourite parts of the day and there were many different aspects they enjoyed which shows how well rounded your program is!

(teacher, Gr. 1-4)

We really, really enjoyed our visit.  It’s hard to say what the children enjoyed most because they enjoyed all of it.  They did really love being able to take a little piece of the sheep’s wool home with them, that was definitely popular!  The pony ride and hay ride were great as was being able to try to milk the goat if they wanted.  They also liked being able to pick up the chicks as well as the kittens and bunnies, etc.
You time everything VERY well – at no time did we ever feel we were being rushed from one station to the next (which would make the kids frustrated!).  It is very well organized and there is such a friendly feeling from everyone there.  I will continue to recommend your farm to other teachers at other schools as the best I’ve been to!

(kindergarten teacher)

We had a FANTASTIC  time. Both the grade one teacher and myself agree that it was an all–around great venue to bring our classes. She had not been to your farm before and definitely would like to come back. Some of the kids said they would “like to live there!”.  We appreciated the variety of activities/animals,  good organization, hands on focus, and large spaces for the children to explore.