(parent, also Kindergarten teacher, July 2015)
“We’re coming to a Family Day– [my son] wrote a bucket list for summer at school and your farm was in the top 1 out of 50!”

Yesterday my family and I spent an absolutely wonderful day at your farm! The visit to your farm was an inspiring mix of fun, recreation and education. All nine of my family members, ranging from ages two to sixty-six, thoroughly enjoyed the farm. The visit was so special because you allow your visitors to move at their own pace. I really appreciated this because it not only kept the visit relaxed but also allowed the children (and adults, too) to visit their favourite animals more than once. Furthermore, the children were thrilled to have more than one pony ride and more than one hay ride. After our visit I thought about all of the things that my two-year-old son got to experience for the first time. I then realized that even I, at the age of forty-one, had also experienced a lot for the first time. It was the first time that I milked a goat, watched sheep shearing, bottle fed a calf and spent time with an eight-week-old pony. We all felt so welcome at Morning Sound Farm and we can’t wait to visit again next year. Thank you so much for such a special day!   (July 27, 2014)


I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I enjoyed our visit to your farm today. It was our first time at Morning Sound, my daughter who is 3 years old thought every part of the farm amazing, my 7 month old daughter also enjoyed every minute of her journey seeing most of the animals for the first time. [Y]our son, wearing overalls, saw us with the kittens and bunnies and was so kind, helpful, and thoughtful with showing us how to hold the bunnies and information about one of the kittens and how it might to easier on me because of my allergies to bunnies and cats to head to the other barn where there is more open space and no kitten. We had so much fun and felt very welcome. We will be back next year with more family and friends! Thank you for bring such joy to our family today.  (July 26, 2014)


Hi there! We had a perfect day visiting your farm today. The kids had a blast with the chicks, the rabbits and all the other animals. You are doing a great job introducing town children to country/farm living! Our kids said that they also want to live on a farm. Well, maybe one day 🙂  (July 19, 2014)