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Chuck and Danea were married in 1996, and lived in Winnipeg (where Chuck grew up), first in Fort Rouge, then near the Forks and then close to Grant Park Mall.  Chuck worked as a courier and at making crowns and bridges- (the teeth kind), before processing pork in the Schneider’s plant and finally as a support worker for a person needing full-time employment assistance.  Danea worked as a nanny, and then cared for our home and our children who were born in 1998, 2000 and 2002.

our first rabbit

our new farm



Just before our fourth child was born in 2004, we found what we had been looking for- a farm for sale.  We moved out to Sanford on February 14, after fixing up the rundown farmhouse, and our daughter was born two weeks later.  Although the property was perfectly suited to our needs, it had been abandoned for several years and required extensive cleanup.  After another daughter was born in 2006, Chuck quit his city job and so the transition to hosting tours at Morning Sound Farm was begun in earnest.

2007 farm staffIn 2007, Morning Sound Farm was launched, and Danea’s parents, Peter and Marilyn, made the journey from Kleefeld to Sanford every day of May and June to be Mr. and Mrs. Farmer and help make the transition to the new location smooth.  The Goertzen’s support throughout the time of learning to be farmers has been invaluable.  With our sixth child born in 2008 and a major home renovation in 2010, the first few years were very time consuming and challenging, but as the kids have grown, the property has improved, the routines have been established, and client loyalty has solidified, our vision was coming to fruition.




2015 family

Here we are in 2015…







And then in 2017…

In spring of 2017, our seventh child was born and we adjusted again.  Mrs. Farmer and baby are keeping everyone clothed and fed as Mr. Farmer and the children host the groups.


Our family has been driven by one main vision:  to serve and honour the Lord Jesus Christ and to raise our children to follow Him.  We believe that we are responsible before God as sinners and that He provides the only way we can be saved.   We trust that the death of Jesus, the Son of God and the perfect man, paid the price we owed for our sin and brings forgiveness, making us righteous before God.  We have been part of a church family in St. Vital that seeks to follow the New Testament example of church, with simple fellowship, careful trust in the Bible and opportunity to serve.  We have also had the privilege of educating our children at home throughout their lives, which has been both a blessing and a challenge.  As they transition from home education to a world of learning whatever God wants them to learn, we pray for God to be honoured by our family’s life, wherever that may lead.