Field Trips for all ages and types of groups

  • We offer full day tours on weekdays, May through July.  The farm is closed August through April.  (We’re also not open Mondays in July)
  • All tours must be pre-booked and are for groups only (30 ppl or more)- call 204-736-3460 or email to book ahead.
  • The tours run from 10 am- 2 pm with flexibility for group needs. (see schedule below)
  • The cost is $7.50 per person (includes GST) for children and adults (infants up to 12 months are free).


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Tour Agenda

The tour has four parts (weather permitting) and each takes about 45 minutes.  Your group will have two parts before lunch and two parts after lunch.  Lunch break is usually from 11:30 to 12:30, depending on circumstances.  These are the four tour parts:

Mr. Farmer’s tour– You will see Mr. Farmer shear a sheep and you can ask him questions about their wool, he will introduce you to the little piglets, then he will milk the goat before giving everyone a chance to try it for yourself.

Mrs. Farmer’s tour–  We will wind through the cattle chute, see a big cow and her calf (once it’s born), find out what she eats and see how much she weighs, then we will feed the chickens and learn about eggs.  In the big barn, we all have a chance to pet lambs, goat kids, and to hold chicks.  You will see the mother and baby rabbits, maybe even newborn rabbits!

The small barn–  Enjoy the barn where you see the piglets, hold chicks, and the climb to the hayloft to cuddle the other baby animals. And don’t forget your very own pony ride.

The hayride–  Ride on a wagon with bales pulled by a tractor to see the pastures and herds of the farm, as well as farm crops.


PLEASE NOTE:  some parts of the tour may change due to unforeseen circumstances. We always try to ensure equivalent entertainment value.  We reserve the right to impose a group minimum.